Get Highland Woodworking Moxon Vise PNG

Get Highland Woodworking Moxon Vise
. This is helpful when sawing things like half blind dovetails. Chamfer cut in the front.

Moxon Vise Lake Erie Toolworks Blog from

This xl capacity portable moxon vise giganto is solid, stout and easy to make. It consists of two heavy acme screws, nuts, washers and various castings. The benchcrafted moxon vise mounts to any workbench, raising your workpiece to a comfortable, ergonomic position and holding it rock solid.

Moxon vise woodworking plans for askwoodman's more capacity design.

Moxon vise with top table. I recently completed my moxon vise. Parts of these came from my old vise, but these are simple to make. Half dovetailed and wedged mortise and tenon (western.

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