10+ Highland Woodworking Moxon Vise Background

10+ Highland Woodworking Moxon Vise
. I recently moved to a condo that has a small 180 square foot workshop in the basement. Make a bench vise for woodworking:

10 Best Vise Images Workbench Woodworking Woodworking Bench from i.pinimg.com

A simple solution to getting your work piece up high is a moxon vise. It is made of hard maple. The bench bull and moxon vise variations i have seen that use pipe clamps always have some big ugly handle sticking out the front of the front face of the vise.

If you can't hold your work to cut dovetails, mortise and tenon work, do precise router work, it's very difficult to to really succeed in woodworking without a lot of frustrations.

As far as we know, joseph moxon wasn't a woodworker. It has been a fantastic addition to my shop. Home workshop workbenches moxon vise. Connect this versatile and portable vise to any floor for your store!

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