STL282: This is a woodworking podcast!

STL282: This is a woodworking podcast!

Query 1:

From Jeff Ok.:

I consider you addressed a query like this at the podcast earlier than, however I will be able to’t recall the episode so I make an apology for an already spoke back query.

I’ll be shifting within the coming weeks from a rented space with a storage to an rental which will require longer term garage in a unit.

I don’t personal any heavy apparatus, principally hand gear, hand energy gear, an outdated craftsman bandsaw and a Dewalt jobs merchandise noticed.

Residing in San Diego the local weather isn’t that a lot of a subject however what will have to I think about in making ready and storing the gear and gear?

Mike Pekovich works with a hollow chisel mortiser.

Two strategies for mortising

Whether or not you drill and chop your mortises or just use a hole chisel mortiser, Mike Pekovich has a few pointers for honing your methodology.

Query 2:

From Ray:

I’m making plans out a undertaking involving case dovetails. As is commonplace, I put the tails at the display face. It passed off to me that there have been additionally structural questions. The dovetail joint is asymmetrical, and it will have to be more potent on one face. However, which one? I hazily recall (with out bothering to do any analysis) that screw ups of a mortise and tenon joint at all times occur at the tenon facet. Let’s say we had been taken with pushing at the facet of the case. Which manner would we orient the dovetail to easiest face up to the rush? Does via vs half-lapped subject?

Query 3:
From Zachary:

Prior to now you’ve discussed at the display you could have a 3d Printer and once in a while use it on your woodshed for “issues”.

Just lately I did my first self-designed print to make some runners for my desk noticed and band noticed tracks. I’ve in any case gotten the detentions dialed in, however was once questioning in the event you had any pointers or tips for making or designing the runners? Nonetheless new to this, so any comments could be favored.

Additionally, you’ve stated you made your self some 0 clearance bandsaw inserts if I recall; what different initiatives have you ever made and the place have you ever discovered the printer helpful on your woodworking?

Query 4:

From Dane:

I’m simply taking note of episode 270 on shapers, and the feedback on similarity to a jointer made me suppose… For a house store, wouldn’t it be imaginable to outfit a jointer with shaper cutters and a energy feeder for light-weight shaper tasks? Hmm…

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